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Because “Everything can be crazy…” we have an excellent selection of crazy TAPAS (Small portions)

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:::crazyTapas::: (Small portions)

Chef’s Leo speciality

Fried goat cheese – Lightly fried goat cheese with caramelized onion & guava glazed sauce   6.00

Crazy patatas – Crispy potatoes with smoke sweet paprika & chipotle honey red pepper sauce 6.00

Chicken empanadas – Jack monterrey cheese, fresh jalapeños, onions, tomatoes, guajillo sauce, cilantro, roasted red pepper & chipotle sauce 5.00

Ground beef empanadas – Chihuahua cheese, fresh onions, tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, jalapeños, roasted almond and chipotle ranch sauce *  6.00

Ginger chicken pincho – Three grilled chicken skewers with fried sweet plantains and ginger mojo sauce 8.00

Steak pincho – Three marinated steak skewer with fresh peach parsley chimichurri sauce & roasted potatoes 9.00

Pork BBQ Ribs – Grilled pork ribs with homemade BBQ sauce and balsamic reduction 8.00

Calamari – Lightly fried calamari rings and spicy chipotle honey aioli sauce 9.00

Coconut shrimp – Five shrimp mix with coconut panko, fresh cilantro, jicama, mango and sweet chili sauce 9.00

Sautéed salmon – With roasted potatoes and spicy peach chimichurri sauce 9.00


Aloud 35-40 min Traditional – Paella for two with calasparra rice from Spain with chicken, shrimp, calamaris, chorizo, pork ribs, mussels with saffron stock 

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Don’t forget the dip…

crazy dips

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